The Concept Of Caring For Senior Customer Service

Course Code: PR04

►Course Objective


  • Understand how and why VIP customer service & etiquette needs to be different
  • Skyrocket your results via establishing reliable contacts with VIP customers
  • Build and manage client contacts and relationships with outstanding results
  • Learn techniques and get certified in the delivery of an outstanding VIP experience
  • Know how to switch from aggressive selling to sales via service delivery
  • Communicate with customers more efficiently via various communication channels
  • Perfect your interactions using the techniques acquired from the course
  • Study the realities and specifics of VIPs in the UAE and its multicultural aspects
  • Create a clear plan and strategy on how to improve your relationship with your VIPs
  • Increase customer satisfaction, which ultimately impacts your overall personal results
  • Become a true professional when working with all types of VIP customers


►Target Audience


  • Managers
  • supervisors of staff in customer-facing roles,
  • those responsible for ensuring that the service level offered to customers


►Course Outline

Day 1

  • Customer Service Certification Essentials and how to Provide them to VIP Customers
  • Recognizing how VIP Customer Service & Etiquette Affects your Performance at Work
  • Finding the hitches in Customer Service and Knowing the Reasons why Clients May Leave
  • The Lifetime Value of Existing Customers and Importance of Long-Term Relationships

Day 2

  • Identifying VIP Customer Expectations & Building client Confidence and Relationships
  • Establishing Customer Contacts as long-term Relations when Working with VIPs
  • The Definition of VIPs and the Difference between VIPs and Regular Customers
  • Why VIPs want to Feel Important and Crucial Reasons to provide VIP service

Day 3

  • Building Relationships with VIP Customers and its Importance for Customer Acquisition
  • Knowing the difference between Building Relationships with VIPs vs. Regular Customers
  • Identifying your best VIP Customers – Defining the Right Target Groups
  • Top Elements which Make the VIP Experience and how to Go Above and Beyond

Day 4

  • Mastering Communication Skills with VIP Customers over Various Channels
  • Switching from a Standard Selling approach to Providing High-Quality Service
  • Delivery of the VIP Experience in the UAE under Conditions of Multiculturalism
  • Strategies and Techniques to Enhance Your Working Process with VIP Customers

Day 5

  • Avoiding possible Fails and Handling Complaints within VIP Customer Service
  • Execution of International VIP Customer Service Standards & Etiquette
  • The design of financial models for forecasting and decision-making

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Date : 01 April 2018

Duration : 5 days

Place : Kuala Lumpur

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Date : 18 November 2018

Duration : 5 days

Place : Jakarta

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