Financial Analysis, Modelling & Forecasting

Course Code: FA06

►Course Objective


  • Plan the design and functionality of financial models in Excel
  •  Use powerful functions built in to Excel for statistical and financial analysis
  •  Apply financial analysis techniques to improve investment decision-making.
  • Design and build financial models for forecasting sales, costs and profit
  • Implement up to date techniques for managing risk and uncertainty
  • Use financial models to assist in business decision-making


►Target Audience


  • Finance professionals
  • Budgeting and planning managers
  • Commercial managers
  • Divisional managers
  • Purchasing and supply chain managers
  • Project managers


►Course Outline



Tools to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century 

  • The Nature and Challenge of Competitive Business
  • Managing Risk and Uncertainty
  • Business Planning and Performance Management
  • Measuring the Key Drivers of Business Success
  • Financial Models – What they are and how to use them most effectively
  • Best Practice in Building Financial Models
  • How to Get the Best Results using Excel



Building Models for Financial Statement and Ratio Analysis 

  • The Financial Analysis Tool kit
  • Building a company Financial Database in Excel
  • Excel Charting Basics
  • Analysing the Cost-Volume-Profit relationship
  • Understanding the drivers of shareholder value
  • Modelling and Interpreting Financial Rations
  • Using the model to improve Business Performance



Building Forecasting Models 

  • Understanding the drivers of Profit and Cash Flow
  • Designing and Building a Cash Flow Forecast Model
  • Using Excel’s built-in Data Analysis Tools
  • Analysing trends in past data – moving averages and regression tools
  • Designing and building a Sales Forecast Model
  • Designing and building a Cost Forecast Model
  • Avoiding common problems in Forecasting



Building Models for Capital Investment Decisions 

  • Principles of Capital Investment decision-making
  • Building a model to Calculate Company Cost of Capital
  • The Time Value of Money and Principles of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  • Understanding and using Excel’s built-in DCF functions
  • Designing and building a Capital Investment Appraisal model
  • Principles of Business Valuation
  • Designing and building a Business Valuation Model



Building Models for Managing Risk and Uncertainty 

  • The impact of risk on Financial Performance
  • Identifying the key drivers of Financial Performance and Strength
  • “What if” forecasts and how they work
  • Designing and building a Financial Statement Forecasting model
  • How to use Excel Goal Seek tool
  • Using Excel’s Scenario Manager tool
  • Building Rolling Forecast models in Excel

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Duration : 5 days

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